Privacy and security policy

General statements
1. All user-side provided data being transmited to our servers over secure connection, using SSL over HTTP(HTTPS)
2. We do not make publicly available or provide to any third-parties any personal data, provided by user
3. User selects himself/herself what data he/she would like to transfer to server for secure storage. No personal data, including contacts, name, location etc being transfered and stored without user's permission and notice.
4. User has access to his/her information at any time, including getting stored data, modification of stored data and complete deletion of all stored information.
5. We do not use any personal data for own purposes. All data is secure and accessible only by users. Server only counts for statistical purposes stored items number without any personal data and without specifying user name etc.

User side responsibility
1. User is fully responsible for storing securely provided by our service login information, passwords and access to his phone.
2. User should not share any passwords with any third-parties, as it would cauze security risk for user's data.
3. User should not use any easy or predictable passwords, as it could cauze security problems
4. Any user side ignorance of security precautions or actions leading to leak of his/her passwords, login information - is user's responsibility and our company carries no responsibility for that.
5. If user looses his phone or some third-party gets his/her login and/or password, user should immediately change password, restrict stolen device for login and/or on user's will delete all sensible data(available from app and web)
6. On any doubt of secirity breach or passwords getting known by third-parties user should immediately change passwords and inform our company over support email: